The London Strollers

Short Walks for Busy People

AGM 2017










of the Annual General Meeting held at

Waterloo Action Centre, 14 Baylis Road, London, SE1 7AA

at 1530 on 28 October 2017





Martin Shrimpton (Acting Chair), Helen Abbott, Elfi Colman, Les Douglas (Walks Coordinator), Mervion Kirkwood (Committee Member), Julia Lindmyzer, Melissa Milan, Frances O’Farrell, Anne Ossowska, Derek Purcell, S Roye, Keith Southam (Committee Member), and Clare Wadd (Chair, Inner London Area),






The Acting Chair welcomed Strollers members, associate members and the Chair of the Inner London Area, stating that, inter alia, the meeting was required to fulfil the Ramblers= charitable objectives, and explaining that, in the absence of an elected Chair for the last year, he had been asked to chair the meeting.



17-10-02 APOLOGIES:


Mike Biggs (Treasurer), Elena Fuller (Secretary), Christina Lee (Membership Secretary) and Andy Strouthous.





  1. RESOLVED: to APPROVE the minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 15 October 2016.


Proposed: Mervion Kirkwood

Seconded: Les Douglas





  1. NOTED: an oral report by the Walks Coordinator, stating that the Strollers had produced 4 walks programmes, and conducted 116 walks led by 17 different leaders since the last AGM; turnout was variable but averaged 15 to 30 walkers.


  1. 1 FURTHER NOTED: comments and suggestions from members as follows:


- Des de Moor was currently running one-day Walker Leader Training courses on behalf of the Inner London Area; these were aimed both at new walk leaders and also as a refresher for those with more experience; the courses had been well-received, and bookings for next year would shortly be available;


- in response to a question from a member regarding how long to wait for latecomers at the beginning of a walk, that Walk Leaders should make their own decision on this, depending on weather, transport issues etc on the day;


- there was no formal requirement to continue to monitor attendance numbers on walks, although this had proved useful over the last year, and


- a suggestion from a member that evening walks in the summer should be offered.


  1. AGREED: to record the meeting’s thanks to Martin Shrimpton and Keith Southam for taking over walks scheduled to be led by Jim Wright when he became unable to do these for medical reasons.




  1. NOTED: in the absence of the Membership Secretary there was no formal report; data from Central Office showed that membership of Strollers was up by 10%, from 136 in September 2016 to 150 in September 2017; Strollers was one of only three groups in the Inner London Area to demonstrate an increase for this period.


  1. FURTHER NOTED: a comment from a member stating that many Ramblers members who now walked regularly with Strollers for various reasons, had joined as members of other groups but had not transferred their membership.





  1. NOTED: an oral report by the IT Officer stating that:

- he had been asked at last year’s meeting to clean up the website; as a result, this was now running on the latest software version (Joomla 3.8.1), and also displayed properly on mobile phones etc; statistics on usage were routinely collected;

- in March he had taken over management of the Walks Finder database for Strollers walks;


- he was now monitoring and using the Strollers Twitter pages, which has 887 followers; this was a useful means of alerting members to news items, transport alerts and other issues affecting Strollers’ activities, as well as publicising walks and the group in general;


- he was also overseeing the Strollers Facebook site; no malicious activity had been discovered; however, there was some uncertainty around its purpose and use; whilst it was useful for displaying photos, there was insufficient take-up to rely on it for advertising events.


  1. FURTHER NOTED: comments and questions from members as follows:

- some members used the main website to find walks, because this displayed walks by all the Inner London groups, as well as Geoff’s Jaunts, and


- in response to a question, it was felt excessive to seek permission from individuals for photos; however, these should be taken down if there was a complaint.



17-10-07 TREASURER’S REPORT FOR 2016-17


  1. NOTED: a report [Annex 1 to the record copy of the minutes] by the Treasurer, presented in his absence by the Acting Chair, stating that:


- at year end the balance in the account had reduced from £681.06 to £488.82, meaning expenditure was £192.24, representing a rise in costs of about one-third; all costs paid were for programme mailing, although there would be AGM room hire costs in 2017-18;


- due to timing constraints, the final programme mailing costs for 2015-16 had been paid out of the 2016-17 budget, and similarly, the final programme dispatch for 2016-17 would be carried forward to the 2017-18 accounts, and


- no bank interest had been received this year.




- the 2016-17 accounts were in process of finalisation, and had not yet been agreed by the external auditor, and


- in view of the diminishing balance, it would probably be necessary to apply for support grant when budget requests were submitted for the 2017-18 financial year.


  1. RESOLVED: to APPROVE that the audited accounts for 2016-17, should be approved by the new Chair and the new Treasurer on behalf of the AGM for onward transmission to the Area Treasurer.




  1. NOTED: that


(i) only members of the London Strollers group were eligible for election as committee members, due to voting rights, and


(ii) the Treasurer and the Secretary had both indicated that they wished to stand down from their roles at this AGM.


  1. RESOLVED: to APPROVE the election of the London Strollers Committee for 2017-18 as follows:





Chair: Martin Shrimpton Les Douglas Helen Abbott

Secretary: Helen Abbott Martin Shrimpton Les Douglas

Treasurer: Andy Strouthous Helen Abbott Les Douglas

Membership Secretary: Christina Lee Martin Shrimpton Julia Lindmyzer

IT Officer: Martin Shrimpton Helen Abbott Mervion Kirkwood

Walks Coordinator: Les Douglas Martin Shrimpton Mervion Kirkwood

Strollers Representative Mervion Kirkwood Helen Abbott Martin Shrimpton

on Area Council:


  1. AGREED: to record a vote of thanks to Mike Biggs, retiring Treasurer, and Elena Fuller, retiring Secretary, in warm appreciation of their magnificent service and support of Strollers over many years.





  1. NOTED:


(i) a statement by the Chair of the Inner London Area stating that the short walks programme offered by London Strollers was vitally important, and thanking the Committee, old and new;


(ii) a suggestion by a member that Strollers should arrange an annual walk and social evening during the summer months, and


(iii) a proposal by a member to record a vote of thanks to the new Chair and Secretary, and the Walks Coordinator, for their work on the AGM.



The Chair declared the meeting closed at 1652 hours.










Monday, July 23, 2018